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We help our clients increase their margins by over 10%

Services to enable successful digital transformations using AI  and Machine learning

We help business and IT leaders deliver successful business transformations and improve margins by over 10%, we guarantee such results.


Digital transformation can represent a whole host of different projects which are aimed at either creating efficiency or growth opportunities. With success rates averaging only 30%, however, transformations can represent both an opportunity and a challenge for businesses.

Our current state review (CSR) process aims to avoid the common challenges associated with digital transformation projects. We do this by taking a holistic approach to engaging with new partners like yourself, facilitating engagement, collaboration and partnership.

As a technology company our niche is in the application of AI and machine learning to complex business processes. We fully understand, however,  that taking a solution- or technology-first approach to solving business problems often doesn’t create value.


We invest time up front in truly understanding your business processes. This allows us to provide targeted and cost-effective solutions for mission critical problems. We conduct review workshops and stakeholder interviews to identify current and future challenges, roadblocks and risks that have the potential to derail your transformation initiatives. 

We then prepare a detailed gap analysis and solution roadmap to outline what you'll need to upgrade, improve, implement and manage to ensure successful transformation and that new business processes can support and achieve the required efficiencies. 

We look forward to learning more about your business and how we can help you grow by utilising smart and effective business process transformations.

AFFIX-3 Discovery process

1. Discovery call

We organise a call to learn more about each other and our companies. We will work to understand your current situation, vision, goals and objectives, including ongoing challenges and pain-points. We'll also determine if we are the right fit to provide assistance, ensure success and above all if we are able to guarantee the results.

2. Self-assessment and information collection

We then use a self-service template to help prioritise and create a process matrix. A persona discovery template is used to understand stakeholder's perspectives on what is and isn't working,  and where the perceived challenges and opportunities are.

We work with your IT team to understand the technology landscape; the current software and tools you use to run your existing business processes.

3. Workshops and interviews

We conduct a set of workshops and one-to-one interviews with stakeholders. These sessions help us with in-depth analysis of existing processes and associated pain-points for stakeholders, team leaders and knowledge workers.
At this stage we ask many questions to learn and document how you operate.

4. Analysis and assessment 

Our team takes the data and information collected from various sessions to analyse and document the current state and pain-points associated with existing processes. We also a design future-state, perform a gap analysis and identify potential risks and issues associated with systems, processes and people using methods supported by our years of experience.

5. Blueprint and playback sessions   

After we compile detailed analysis, we work with stakeholders to build consensus for the future-state using playback sessions. Here we present our findings to provide you with:

  • A presentation showing cost savings, process improvement and digital service delivery opportunities

  • A gap analysis and capability model of what is missing , now and for the desired future state

  • Documentation of the proposed future state and associated requirements 

  • The change management approach necessary for the required transformation

  • Clarity of ROI and a detailed step by step implementation plan to ensure success  

Next Steps

Based on the results of the above CSR , most clients choose to partner with us to help them execute our recommendations using one of our packed  improvement projects.

  • Client engagement and digital service delivery

  • Process automation and transformation

  • Regulator compliance, governance, conduct and risk management  

  • Better operational decision-making using AI and machine learning 

  • Field services automation using IoT, edge computing and AI 

We look forward to partnering with you to ensure your desired transformations are delivered,  enabling your business to archive the necessary efficiency and growth targets. 

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